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this is me.

ZeroFinal1Artboard 18.png
ZeroFinal1Artboard 18.png

It's me with a Batman mug from the cabinet and also me in my Spider-Man goggles from years ago. Proof that I liked comics before they were the multi-million dollar cash machines they are now.

I am a major fan of comics that loves to think inside the box.

Outside of being inundated with new movies every year (which is AMAZING to me), comics taught me how to view imagery, type, composition, hierarchy, color, and most importantly, work within a confined area like a box.
And, as shown by comics, there are myriad options that can be done inside that box.

Art and design have always been part of my life, but I never thought I could make it into a career. It wasn’t until my second year at the local JC that I enrolled in design classes and saw that career path was possible. I went on to attend design classes at San Jose State University and never looked back.

Since then, my life has been spent creating compelling and innovative design solutions independently and in the corporate environment. I love simple and clean design, great coffee, delicious cocktails, and taking long walks through my favorite video games. I am also a creator and conceptor, passionate about any job I do.

Keep me boxed in.

I don’t mind.

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